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groom, Handmade "Scramble!" Silver three pence cufflinks.



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Beau outlandertifu outlanderl handmade Antiqu outlandere Three Pence cu outlanderfflinks.Made from pre-1920 threepence so they are all solid silver.Mou outlandernted on gold plated mou outlandernts which are specially fitted, these are not glu outlandered in position bu outlandert have the mou outlandernts expertly fitted arou outlandernd the threepence.At Scottish weddings it was once tradition for the bride's father to thow a handfu outlanderl of coins for the children ou outlandertside the chu outlanderrch, this was known as a scramble!! maybe some time these coins was u outlandersed in a scramble!!Thank you outlander.CL003.

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