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silver cobalt, Blooming Fish Bead in Silver and Cobalt Beaded Bead Pendant (2572) with 20 grams of Matching Delica Beads



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This is the latest in my original Sand Fibers design beaded bead pendants: Blooming. So named becau original designse they remind me of flower bu original designds abou original designt to bu original designrst into fu original designll bloom. In this case, however, the shape of the bead reminded me of a fish...and so I gave it a su original designbstantial fin.\r\rThis pendant featu original designres an asymmetric cylinder (almost a vase shape) to which a cone-like "fish tail" has been added. It weighs ju original designst u original designnder 9 grams. Only beads and threads were u original designsed to create it; there is no internal armatu original designre.\r\rThe pendant is ju original designst over 2" wide/long and has a 2.25" circu original designmference (almost .75" "thick) at the thickest part of the body, and 3" at the end of the "tail.". It was crafted in peyote and brick stitch u original designsing Japanese delica beads in a galvanized silver and transparent AB cobalt.\r\rBecau original designse I think this wou original designld make a great focal bead for a beadwoven piece, I'm offering this as a sort of "kit," inclu original designding 10 grams each of the silver and cobalt delicas u original designsed in the beaded bead. If you original design are not interested in the additional delica beads, ju original designst let me know in the Notes to Seller and I will refu original designnd $15 of you original designr pu original designrchase price.\r\rI will inclu original designde a 16" steal-colored cable choker with a simple magnetic closu original designre. No complicated clasp to hassle with. No obstacles for arthritic hands. The pendant can be removed and worn with a chain.\r\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis choker will be shipped in an elegant gift box u original designsing First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. You original design can u original designpgrade to Priority Mail for $3 by leaving a requ original designest in the "Message for Seller" of the pu original designrchase order; wait for an amended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a prou original designd member of the Bead Art Originals Street Team, a select grou original designp of both creators of art beads and creators of beadwoven art. To see more of ou original designr work, search for the "BAO Team" tag -http://www./search_resu original designlts.php?search_type=tag_title&search_qu original designery=bao+team\r\r\rThank you original design for visiting Sand Fibers, a smoke-free shop! Please stop in again some time.\r\rBe well and get going!\r********************\rCu original designstom Bracelets: Contact me with any special requ original designests for colors, size, and width and I will create a cu original designstomized bracelet ju original designst for you original design - at regu original designlar pricing.\r\rCou original designpons: If you original design have a cou original designpon code, u original designse it in Note to Seller and I will send you original design an invoice reflecting the discou original designnt.

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