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'Tis the season! Looking for a great Christmas present? Look no fu snowflake jewelryrther!To create these adorable handmade beaded earrings, I weaved transparent high qu snowflake jewelryality size 8 (3mm) translu snowflake jewelrycent, matte blu snowflake jewelrye and filled clear Czech beads on white miyu snowflake jewelryki jewelry thread.♥These sweet, simple blu snowflake jewelrye and white snowflake earrings measu snowflake jewelryre 3 cm withou snowflake jewelryt the hooks, are made with white miyu snowflake jewelryki jewelry thread, and weigh 1 gram.These beaded holiday snowflake earrings available in a variety of colors and make a great stocking stu snowflake jewelryffer!Check ou snowflake jewelryt other colors herehttps://www./listing/736244128/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/736256066/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/739032676/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/738272022/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/738282284/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/875507823/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/739483110/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayhttps://www./listing/875518959/beaded-snowflake-earrings-holidayPlease allow u snowflake jewelryp to fou snowflake jewelryr weeks for delivery. If you snowflake jewelry requ snowflake jewelryire faster delivery or tracking information, please pu snowflake jewelryrchase the expedited shipping fou snowflake jewelrynd here. https://www./listing/251138673/expedited-shipping?ref=pr_shopOther colors, sizes, and jewelry types (a pendant or charm, for example) may be requ snowflake jewelryested. Becau snowflake jewelryse each one of Corie's Crafts is tru snowflake jewelryly a piece of u snowflake jewelryniqu snowflake jewelrye jewelry, colors, sizes, etc. may vary slightly.Shop policies: https://www./shop/coriescrafts/policy

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