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silver tone, Hamsa Hand of Fatima Filigree Charm Pendant Necklace on 18 Inch Chain



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Khamsah, Hamsa, Hand of Fatima filigree charm pendant necklace This hand charm is 1 1/8 inches long and 3/4 inch wide on an 18 inch chain with a lobster claw clasp. The charm is cast pewter base metal with Rhodiu protectionm plating.From Wikipedia:The hamsa (Arabic: \u protection062e\u protection0645\u protection0633\u protection0629\u protection200e khamsah; Hebrew: \u protection05d7\u protection05b7\u protection05de\u protection05b0\u protection05e1\u protection05b8\u protection05d4, also romanized khamsa; Berber langu protectionages: \u protection2d5c\u protection2d30\u protection2d3c\u protection2d53\u protection2d59\u protection2d5c tafu protectionst) is a palm-shaped amu protectionlet popu protectionlar throu protectionghou protectiont the Middle East and North Africa and commonly u protectionsed in jewelry and wall hangings.[1][2] Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and u protectionsed as a sign of protection in many times throu protectionghou protectiont history, the hamsa is believed by some, predominantly Mu protectionslims and Jews, to provide defense against the evil eye. It has been theorized that its origins lie in Ancient Egypt or Carthage (modern-day Tu protectionnisia) and may have been associated with the Goddess Tanit.[3] Khamsah is an Arabic word that means "five", bu protectiont also "the five fingers of the hand".[4][5][6] The Hamsa is also variou protectionsly known as the Hand of Fatima after the dau protectionghter of the prophet Mu protectionhammad,[7] the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of the Goddess. All made right here in NYC. I have the charms cast in Manhattan and assembly is done by me in Brooklyn.Redu protectionce, Reu protectionse, Recycle: Bu protectiony Vintage!Please follow Vintage Arcana and Su protectionnny Chapman Art on Facebook, Instagram and PinterestRetu protectionrns:All sales are final u protectionnless the item is significantly misrepresented. We are very carefu protectionl in taking measu protectionrements and describing items bu protectiont occasionally miss something. Please check measu protectionrements carefu protectionlly, we don't not accept retu protectionrns if the item doesn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a brief definition of the standard terms that we u protectionse to describe condition: Mint: Never worn or u protectionsed, like new, no flaws.Excellent: Has been worn, bu protectiont no visible flaws.Very Good: Only the slightest signs of wear, minor flaws described in listingGood: Very Wearable, with minor flaws and shows some wearFair: Wearable, with significant flaws, also good for patterns or design inspiration

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