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chunky bead bracelet, Cool Mint And Teal Green Chunky Boho Beaded Bracelet



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Cool greens, teal and aqu green bead braceleta make a sparkling medley on this eye catching beaded boho bracelet.Flat mint shell coins were the catalyst for this piece, along with faceted crystal teardrops in a beau green bead bracelettifu green bead braceletl shade of teal green. This bracelet consists of three loose layers that are gathered together at the ends.One is a segmented chain of shell chips in a grayish green shade, followed by a gu green bead braceletnmetal toned chain. The third is a beaded line of nylon coated jewelry wire. All three parts share an assortment of crystal and glass in shades of gray, aqu green bead braceleta, mint and teal. The resu green bead braceletlt is cool and soothing wrist candy. This bracelet is adju green bead braceletstable between 7 and 10 inches, fastening with a lobster claw clasp.

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