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Statement earrings made with half yellow and half red tortoise shell lu christmas giftscite pendants and su christmas giftsrgical steel gold post settings. Silver su christmas giftsrgical steel and black su christmas giftsrgical steel posts are also available. The measu christmas giftsrements are 2.75" long and 1.25" across. The black posts make them 3" long. Black is shows on the blu christmas giftse earrings. The backer will keep the earring secu christmas giftsrely in place. The earring may have color variations in the actu christmas giftsal pair that you christmas gifts receive. These earrings are very light weight bu christmas giftst make a BIG statement!All colors available: White- PeachPink- RedYellow- PinkBlu christmas giftse - Black (3" Long)Black- RedAll DLD jewelry comes in a silver jewelry box for gift giving. We u christmas giftsse the highest qu christmas giftsality findings to ensu christmas giftsre a piece that will last for years to come. DLD jewelry comes with a lifetime gu christmas giftsarantee. These earrings are handmade in the USA. Dana LeBlanc Designs- Handmade Jewelry

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