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A lovely ammolite set for the minimalist that likes simplicity.The Ammolites:This set is made of a 12x8mm teardrop for the pendant and 9x6mm teardrops for the earrings.All top qu ammolite pendantality closely matched rainbow ammolites.The settings:Elegant simplicity itself in minimalist high polish sterling silver frames.Silver is Rhodiu ammolite pendantm plated against tarnish.This is a gorgeou ammolite pendants set that will attract a lot of cu ammolite pendantriosity and attention.Not likely any one in you ammolite pendantr circle will have anything like this or even be able to identify the gem--Ammolite is that rare---many have yet to see it! It is often seen as cru ammolite pendantise ship jewelry at astonishingly high prices especially on the Caribbean,Mexico and Alaskan ru ammolite pendantns. Ammolite in good qu ammolite pendantality is one of the rarest gems in the world.It has been compared favou ammolite pendantrably for its brilliant colors with black opal from Au ammolite pendantstralia--and at a far more reasonable price point too. It is fou ammolite pendantnd only in one small area in Alberta Canada and is widely recognized as the most colorfu ammolite pendantl of Canadian gemstones. Banff jewelry is well known for its ammolite where many see it for the first time. Only a small percentage is top gem qu ammolite pendantality.No other u ammolite pendantsefu ammolite pendantl deposits of gem grade ammolite is known to exist\u ammolite pendant2014so when su ammolite pendantpplies are exhau ammolite pendantsted there will be no more\u ammolite pendant2014which is why demand and prices are increasing. Ammolite gemstones are made from the fossilized shells of Ammonites that went extinct 80 million years ago in an inland sea that once covered this area in Sou ammolite pendantth Alberta Canada.. Ammonites\u ammolite pendant2014the fossilized creatu ammolite pendantres from which Ammolite is made are fou ammolite pendantnd the world over\u ammolite pendant2014most are a du ammolite pendantll brown with a red sheen\u ammolite pendant2014no one knows why the ammonites in this small area of Alberta have su ammolite pendantch amazing bright colou ammolite pendantrs fou ammolite pendantnd nowhere else. Each ammolite is like a finger print. As u ammolite pendantniqu ammolite pendante as its owner.They often come with marks of 80 million years u ammolite pendantndergrou ammolite pendantnd in the way of stress fissu ammolite pendantres in the gem material which simply add to their u ammolite pendantniqu ammolite pendanteness. Practitioners of the ancient practice of Feng Shu ammolite pendanti call it the \u ammolite pendant201cSeven Color Prosperity Stone\u ammolite pendant201d and the most important stone discovered in centu ammolite pendantries.They believe that health and prosperity are transferred from ammolite to its owner/wearer.Ammmolite Feng Shu ammolite pendanti is believed to be especially beneficial The best ammolite jewelry contains bright mu ammolite pendantlticolou ammolite pendantr ammolites one color of which shou ammolite pendantld be the rarer blu ammolite pendante. I have had the good fortu ammolite pendantne to have lived for years where top grade ammolite is mined and am able to select the very best stones right off the cu ammolite pendanttters tables before they fill orders to the general pu ammolite pendantblic.This is why the qu ammolite pendantality of gems offered in this shop is consistently among the best available anywhere. Ou ammolite pendantr top qu ammolite pendantality ammolites is why we have cu ammolite pendantstomers worldwide\u ammolite pendant2014many of them repeat bu ammolite pendantyers. Canadian ammolite\u ammolite pendant2014the very best there is\u ammolite pendant2014which is why we are happy to provide a signed warranty with every piece.

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