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laser cut earrings, Wood earrings - Small black and gold hand painted wood studs - Lightweight laser cut earrings- wood stud earrings



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Happy Ears!-Beau minimalist earringsties! The combo of these colors are everything! These small minimalistic wooden stu minimalist earringsds will WOW everyone and hand-painted for extra pizazz\u minimalist earrings2026did I mention that they look stu minimalist earringsnning on you minimalist earringsr ears? The earrings are made of 100% maple which have been laser cu minimalist earringst into its design. You minimalist earrings can choose a silver or gold stainless steel stu minimalist earringsd back. Each stu minimalist earringsd weighs less than 1 gram so they are perfect for sensitive ears. Each Piece is UNIQUE-The wonderfu minimalist earringsl thing abou minimalist earringst the earrings I make is that each earring is handmade and may differ slightly from photos du minimalist earringse to the natu minimalist earringsral differences fou minimalist earringsnd in each piece of wood. Gifting Options-If you minimalist earrings are bu minimalist earringsying these as a gift, the recipient is very lu minimalist earringscky! We can take the stress ou minimalist earringst of gift giving as the earrings will come in a gift box (pictu minimalist earringsred above) wrapped with a colorfu minimalist earringsl twine closu minimalist earringsre. Do you minimalist earrings need a gift tag? No problem! Write me a note in the comments and I will add a blank one for free! Got an Idea?Looking for something different? I can alter most designs or create a new one altogether! Send me a message and let\u minimalist earrings2019s talk abou minimalist earringst you minimalist earringsr idea and see what I can create for you minimalist earrings!Jewelry Care-Thou minimalist earringsgh the earrings have been sealed, showering/swimming/sleeping in them is not su minimalist earringsggested. Also, keep away from items that may scratch the su minimalist earringsrface when you minimalist earrings are not wearing them.Earring Specifications-*Measu minimalist earringsrement- 0.5in. or 12mm*Weight- 0.6 grams eachQu minimalist earringsestions?-Never hesitate to contact me! I am here to help and answer any and all qu minimalist earringsestions. I take pride in my work and want you minimalist earrings to be happy!Peace & Love,Maria Owner - Wood Karma Bou minimalist earringstiqu minimalist earringse

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