Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

40 silver Round pendant trays25mm setting, 25mm (1 inch) shiny silver pendant trays25mm setting, Bezel Settings charm base



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I ship daily from the USA Monday throu 25mm bezelgh Friday. 40 25mm (1 inch) silver tone pendant trays, Bezel Settings.I fou 25mm bezelnd a new su 25mm bezelpplier for these PERFECT pendant trays!! These are the perfect bezel pendant settings for glass, cabochons, resin, polymer clay or cabs. They are heavy du 25mm bezelty and do not flex or bend at all.They have a flawless finish and are some of the nicest bezels I have seen! The edges are perfectly rou 25mm bezelnd & finished smoothly.The inside measu 25mm bezelres 25x25mm and is completely sealed in case you 25mm bezel u 25mm bezelse a liqu 25mm bezelid glaze.

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