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Gift for her, blu hoop earringse and white hoop earrings with Silicone Rings for a woman. A beau hoop earringstifu hoop earringsl look for a special date or every day.These earrings will compliment any ou hoop earringstfit and add a delicate elegant style to you hoop earringsr look.if you hoop earrings're interested in sending a gift to a third party, ju hoop earringsst write you hoop earringsr message to the recipient and I will do so with joy.\u hoop earrings2740 Featu hoop earringsres:*************\u hoop earrings2713 Handmade from silver-plated brass and Silicone Rings\u hoop earrings2713 Length - 1.37"/ 3.5 cm\u hoop earrings2713 Width - 1.37"/ 3.5 cm\u hoop earrings2740 Care:*********In order to keep you hoop earringsr jewelry in good condition, avoid spreading perfu hoop earringsme while wearing the jewels. Wear them only after the spreading of the perfu hoop earringsme / lotion.Keep you hoop earringsr jewelry clean and dry in a closed storage when not in u hoop earringsse.\u hoop earrings2709 Please do not hesitate to contact me with any qu hoop earringsestion. I am very responsive and happy to help.Check ou hoop earringst more of my earrings > to shop >https://www./shop/MALIWOLFOVIZ\u hoop earrings2606 Abou hoop earringst my work:********************I worked for 20 years in a du hoop earringsll field of bookkeeping and made a career retraining to the colorfu hoop earringsl and fu hoop earringsll of life field of gold crafting and jewelry designMy jewelry express these kinds of optimism, hope and faith. I cast into my jewelry a little of everything that in me.Thank you hoop earrings for visiting my shop! Enjoy! \u hoop earrings2665Mali

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