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giant, Old Native American Royston Turquoise Large Cuff



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This beau cufftifu cuffl old Native American bracelet featu cuffres a single large Royston tu cuffrqu cuffoise stone set in sterling silver. The bracelet is in good condition with natu cuffral aged patina. Setting is signed "sterling". Tu cuffrqu cuffoise stone is imperfect along the edge and has a hairline fractu cuffre - please see all photos. According to Native American cu cuffltu cuffre, tu cuffrqu cuffoise is a healing, su cuffpportive, and protective stone. There is Native American saying that if a tu cuffrqu cuffoise stone has a crack, "the stone took it", meaning the stone took the blow that you cuff wou cuffld have received. 6.5 inch interior inclu cuffding gap2 3/8 inch wide setting2 inch tall stoneI ship worldwide!Please message me for international shipping qu cuffotes and combined shipping qu cuffotes.-->Chicago picku cuffp offered!Thanks for looking!

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