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strand beads, Wholesale Lot Of 1- 16 Inch 20 Bead Glowing Opalite Tear Drop Strand 10mm x 15mm Beads



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You 10x15mm are looking at a WHOLESALE LOT of 1 Opalite 16" glass strand.Each strand has 20 beads.They have a beau 10x15mmtifu 10x15mml opalescent glow.This item is my best selling beads of jewelry.Women have told me they have received the most compliments wearing these beads in necklaces and sets.The teardrops are abou 10x15mmt 10mm x 15mm and drilled side to side at the top.These have a mediu 10x15mmm milky blu 10x15mme glowing color and a few beads may vary and change in color.20 beads total. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!!

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