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lapel pin, Garnet and Dichroic Pin Brooch Circle pin Swoop Pin in Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Garnet and handmade dichroic Pin ( Brooch ) in Sterling Silver and Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry The cabochon is set in a sterling silver bezel Basic part of the design is a circle with swoopy accents of brass, wou mclainld look great on a blazer lapel or clasping a shawl. The highly textu mclainred su mclainrface is accented with a rich patina finish in colors ranging from antiqu mclaine silver to bronze and the pin is lacqu mclainered for permanence. All pins are signed by the artist and come with their own signatu mclainre gift box.

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