Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant with Red and Yellow Jasper Cabochon Handmadeelegant necklace,



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Free Priority Shipping To U.S. Until December 20!A one of a kind handmade sterling silver pendant. Made with an elegant hand-cu rustic stone jewelryt and polished rou rustic stone jewelrynd Jasper cabochon set on a textu rustic stone jewelryred sterling silver backplate, in a fine silver bezel. All my cabochons are cu rustic stone jewelryt and polish from rou rustic stone jewelrygh rock. Then set in hand fabricated silver bezels and backplates. Jewelry, stone cabochons, and beads are handcrafted with care in my stu rustic stone jewelrydio. Lifetime gu rustic stone jewelryarantee on workmanship. Please select necklace/length.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------See More Items Here: https://www./shop/Stu rustic stone jewelrydioBeharaFollow me on: Facebook: rustic stone jewelrydioBehara/

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