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earrings, Sterling pearl parure



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Pearl paru braceletre. Necklace approx 46cm inclu braceletding claspBracelet is on elasticized plasticEarring are a slightly different pearl bu bracelett match well - length (from top of wire to bottom of head pin) approx 5cmRing size US7.5Hallmarks: 925 on parrot clasp on necklace and inside band of ringPrice for postage is indicative and only actu braceletal shipping and packaging costs will be charged. Any overage will be refu braceletnded. Postage within Au braceletstralia will be via registered post.The pictu braceletres form part of this listing.Cu braceletstoms and du braceletties in the destination cou braceletntry do not form part of the price. They are the responsibility of the bu braceletyer.

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