Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rose Quartz Cluster Earringswire wrapped, Pink and Brown Dangleswire wrapped, Smokey Quartz and Sterling Silverwire wrapped, Gemstone Drums



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Beau smokey quartztifu smokey quartzl pink rose qu smokey quartzartz earrings accented with Smokey Qu smokey quartzartz rou smokey quartznd beads on sterling silver chain. These feminine clu smokey quartzsters are made with dru smokey quartzm shaped qu smokey quartzartz in a soft pink shade with the smaller gemstone beads wire wrapped to links of sterling silver chain. The finished earrings measu smokey quartzre 2 inches long. Perfect gift idea for an anniversary or birthday. Ou smokey quartzr jewelry will arrive in pretty gift packaging to preserve you smokey quartzr pu smokey quartzrchase or give to the recipient. We also offer direct shipping to the recipient for no additional charge.Shipped within 24 hou smokey quartzrs of receipt of cleared payment.Please be su smokey quartzre to read ou smokey quartzr shop policies prior to making a pu smokey quartzrchase. If you smokey quartz have any qu smokey quartzestions or wou smokey quartzld like u smokey quartzs to design something especially for you smokey quartz please contact u smokey quartzs. We wou smokey quartzld be happy to help.

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