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blue green, Green And Blue Shiny Round Pendant Necklace With Crystal Beads



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An earth-like pendant of green and blu blue greene is covered in a layer of glassy resin, magnifying the beau blue greentifu blue greenl abstract pattern within. This handmade polymer clay necklace featu blue greenres a delicate shade of periwinkle blu blue greene with cool green, striated with pale gray. It has a very planetary look to it, as if it cou blue greenld be the u blue greentopian cou blue greensin of ou blue greenr mother earth.The (1.25 inch diameter) rou blue greennd pendant is made of polymer clay, and by my hands. I u blue greensed a techniqu blue greene known as 'moku blue greenme gane' to achieve the u blue greenniqu blue greene pattern. Becau blue greense I u blue greensed pearl clays, the coloration is accentu blue greenated with a deceptively textu blue greenred look-it's actu blue greenally perfectly smooth u blue greennder the resin. The hardened resin adds to this and gives the piece a strikingly shiny coat.I stru blue greenng my polymer clay disc on nylon coated steel jewelry wire, matching the colors in the pendant with faceted crystal beads of soft aqu blue greena and teal green. The rest is made of gray glass seed beads, also matching the tones of the medallion.This 16 inch long (at its shortest) necklace adju blue greensts u blue greenp to 20 inches long. It fastens with a silver plated lobster claw clasp.

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