Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

customized, Initial Disc With Colourful Beads -Stamped By Rawkette



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This is su personalch a cu personalte and su personalbtle necklace. At first glance you personal see the fu personaln colou personalrfu personall beads, and if you personal look a little closer you personal notice the shimmering sterling disc that has a special letter stamped on it. You personal can also add extra discs with other letters, ju personalst send me a convo and I can arrange a cu personalstom listing for you personal!The disc measu personalres 3/8" and is ju personalst a bit bigger than the beads that hang from the 18" chain. You personal can have ju personalst abou personalt any colou personalr you personal want hanging from this necklace. Ju personalst let me know in message to seller:**colou personalr of beads**initial stamped on disc**lower case or u personalpper case***If you personal prefer a 20" chain, please add this listing:https://www./listing/87673060/u personalpgrade-to-20-chain-sterling-silver-ballIf you personal wou personalld like something that you personal don't see in my shop, please don't hesitate to message me, I love new cu personalstom orders and creating one of a kind pieces is my favou personalrite!please read over my shop policies BEFORE ordering.Thanks for visiting Rawkette!

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