Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Art Deco / Art Nou bohemian necklaceveau bohemian necklace Design Pendant Necklace.Gorgeou bohemian necklaces Vintage design Antiqu bohemian necklaceed Brass Pendant.With Vintage Crystal dangle.Dragonfly and Flower Charm.Vintage 6mm Crystal dangle on the end of the chain as well.This chain can be clasped at any point, giving you bohemian necklace a wide variety of lengths, inclu bohemian necklaceding choker.Antiqu bohemian necklaceed Brass chain with a lobster clasp. Handmade by me, on Mau bohemian necklacei, and sent to you bohemian necklace with Aloha!#46More of my Artisan Jewelry: hawaiibeads.

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