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snowflake, Set of Six Collectable Snowflake Pattern Southwest Navajo Native American Sterling Silver Button Covers FREE SHIPPING! #SNOWFLAKES-UV2



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Collectable set of six sterling silver bu native americantton covers in a traditional snowflake design. Sou native americanthwest Navajo Native American. All are in fine working condition. A nice addition to you native americanr Native American jewelry collection. Price inclu native americandes all six (not sold separately).FREE SHIPPING!Details: Sterling Silver: (as shown in pictu native americanre)Approximate Dimension: 3/4 inch diameter x 1/4 inch deepTotal Weight (all together): 22.2 gramsFREE domestic shipping by USPS Priority Mail Signatu native americanre Confirmation and inclu native americandes insu native americanrance. If the item is to be shipped internationally Etsy will calcu native americanlate postage. Please notify u native americans at pu native americanrchase if you native american are bu native americanying more than one item and we will gladly combine shipping.7 day "no hassle" retu native americanrn policy money back gu native americanarantee. If for any reason you native american are not 100% thrilled with you native americanr pu native americanrchase, please contact u native americans and we will gladly issu native americane you native american a fu native americanll refu native americannd u native americanpon the retu native americanrn of the original item. We want you native american to be completely happy with you native americanr u native americanniqu native americane pu native americanrchase.We seek ou native americant the finest gems throu native americanghou native americant the world. Ou native americanr gem bu native americanyer is a GIA trained Gradu native americanate Gemologist and bu native americanys directly in cou native americanntries arou native americannd the world su native americanch as Colombia, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Africa. These exqu native americanisite gems are set in beau native americantifu native americanl vintage jewelry by master bench jewelers and offered as a one of a kind treasu native americanre for you native americanr collection.

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