Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tie Barfather of the groom, Tie clipfather of the groom, Groomfather of the groom, Roman Numeralsfather of the groom, Christmas giftfather of the groom, Father of the Bridefather of the groom, Father of the Groom. Customizedfather of the groom, personalized.



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Tie Bar, Tie clip, Groom, Roman Nu groommerals, Christmas gift, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom. Cu groomstomized, personalized.*******************************A perfect little accessory for the perfect man in you groomr life, whether it be you groomr fu groomtu groomre hu groomsband, fu groomtu groomre father-in-law or you groomr father.This listing is for ONE tie clip.Please let u grooms know which one you groom wou groomld like when checking ou groomt.If you groom wou groomld like you groomr personalized tie clip, please let u grooms know the wording in the Note to Seller box.Price is for the handstamping of the front only.To handstamp the back, please contact u grooms for a qu groomote.DETAILS and MEASUREMENTlength: 2.5"Alu groomminiu groomm.***props are not inclu groomdedIf you groom\u groom2019ve arrived at this listing, please don't forget to visit the rest of ou groomr shop at:http://www.bu Enjoy!

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