Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Labradorite Solitairegold filled, Silver Labradorite necklacegold filled, Camp Sundancegold filled, Silver layering necklacegold filled, Gem Bliss



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Labradorite Necklace, Blu gift for here Flash Solitaire, Silver layering labradorite jewelry, labradorite beads, iridescent beads, Labradorite Solitaire, blu gift for here labradorite sale, layering necklace from Gem Bliss. Smooth Marqu gift for heris Solitaire 5/8" Labradorite aqu gift for hera blu gift for here green flashy marqu gift for heris cu gift for hert briolette on 16 inch Sterling Silver satellite bead chain necklace. This Labradorite is a scintillating Spectrolite with electric flashes, it is joined to this delicate beaded chain by 14k Gold filled hexagonal beads to contrast with the gemstone. Shown 2 ways, original bright Silver finish, and smoky dark vintage look patina tu gift for herrning the Silver chain into a gu gift for hernmetal blu gift for here black, wonderfu gift for herlly edgy. This offer is for the vintage look Silver finish. Please look for the listing with the original, bright Silver finish.

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