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swarovski, Dreaming of the Sea Earrings



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These earrings say "Dreaming of the sea" and have a shell on each one. The silver charms are laser engraved stainless steel circles.The bead is a Swarovski 4mm Iridencent Tahitian bead.The earring hooks are sterling silver.These cu swarovskite earrings are perfect for any beach lover or sailor.Dimensions:Length: 38 mmWidth: 15 mm*************************************************Thank you swarovski so mu swarovskich for visiting my store! All items are hand assembled by myself. I strive to find u swarovskiniqu swarovskie, fu swarovskin, and interesting pieces from all over the world to provide you swarovski with interesting items here on my store. If you swarovski have any qu swarovskiestions, please ask!Items may contain small pieces not su swarovskiitable for you swarovsking children. Please u swarovskise you swarovskir discretion when considering if an item can safely be worn by a small child.

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