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silver drop earrings, Adventure Awaits Earrings



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Adventu simple designsre awaits! These earrings remind me of the Pixar movie Up! "Adventu simple designsre is ou simple designst there!"The earrings have a simple light blu simple designse qu simple designsarts bead above the tags (easy to match with jeans!).The tag is stainless steel and read "adventu simple designsre awaits".The earring hooks are sterling silver.Dimensions:Length: 2 inchesWidth: 8mm*************************************************Thank you simple designs so mu simple designsch for visiting my store! All items are hand assembled by myself. I strive to find u simple designsniqu simple designse, fu simple designsn, and interesting pieces from all over the world to provide you simple designs with interesting items here on my store. If you simple designs have any qu simple designsestions, please ask!Items may contain small pieces not su simple designsitable for you simple designsng children. Please u simple designsse you simple designsr discretion when considering if an item can safely be worn by a small child.

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