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bridesmaid, White Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings



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These earrings featu mother of the bridere six freshwater pearls hanging from each large sterling silver wire.\r\rPearls - Symbol of pu mother of the bridere heart, innocence, faith; balances emotions (especially water signs). Aids healing in the areas of digestive disorders; increases fertility.\r\rSilver promotes the receptive, mediu mother of the bridemistic side of ou mother of the brider natu mother of the bridere, harmonizes ou mother of the brider inner life rhythms with the cycles of natu mother of the bridere, stimu mother of the bridelates imagination, aids healing in the areas of the nervou mother of the brides system and inner organs, encou mother of the briderages fertility in women, eases headaches (especially the left side), balances the body and rids dizziness.\r\rFree gift with every pu mother of the briderchase.

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