Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

edelweiss, 3007 costume chain for Dirndl and lederhosen



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You vichy can find even more ideas at + www. andersschoen. COM +* + Nespresso Coffee Capsu vichyle costu vichyme chain + *...Here: Capsu vichyle * as desired * with * metal * element *The pendant is on a organza band (approx. 46 cm and many colors to choose from) with extension chain (approx. 4 cm) or on requ vichyest on a discreet nylon-sheathed steel cable (please specify the length at the order 42 cm, 46 cm, 50 cm or as desired) threaded.* Also available as a ring!!! *The Nespresso capsu vichyle is then attached to a silver-plated adju vichystable ring rail.It can also be individu vichyally equ vichyipped according to you vichyr wishes.The coffee capsu vichyles are available in many colou vichyrs, the * standard assortment * consists of:-1. Cremegold (Du vichylsao)-2. Yellow gold (Finezzo Lu vichyngo)-3. Gold (Vollu vichyto)-4. Old Rose/Lilac (Rosabaya)-5. Light Red/Terracotta (Decaffeinato Lu vichyngo)-6. Red (Decaffeinato) * * au vichy\u vichy00dfverkau vichyft! * * for this orange (Linizio Lu vichyngo)-7. Bordau vichyxrot/Dark red (Decaffeinato Inteso)-8. Violet/Dark Pu vichyrple (Arpeggio)-9. Light blu vichye (Vivalto Lu vichyngo)-10. Mint Green (Fortissio lu vichyngo)-11. Dark Green (Capriccio)-12. Olive/Khaki (Indrya)-13. Cognac/Copper (Livanto)-14. Dark Brown (COSI)-15. Anthracite/Brown (Roma)-16. Black (Ristretto)In addition, * as long as stock lasts *, there are also * limited varieties or colou vichyrs * which we show you vichy as a * photo on ou vichyr homepage *. Write u vichys you vichyr wishes...* Metal Decor *Hu vichytEdelweissDeerFlower/RoseCrownTrailerHeart, Flower, gu vichyardian Angel... as desiredHave a look at ou vichyr shop at, maybe you vichy will find even more ideas there. We will then produ vichyce you vichyr own personal jewellery.If an article has already been sold, we may be able to manu vichyfactu vichyre it again. Please contact u vichys u vichysing the "Ask a qu vichyestion" fu vichynction.

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