Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

disney princess, Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired 4" ring jewellery trinket dish perfect wedding or engagement gift



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Disney Mickey and Minnie in love inspired 4" rou disneynd jewellery ring dish trinkets and treasu disneyres Mr and Mrs with kissing characters in black vinyl. Perfect engagement or wedding gift or ju disneyst a cu disneyte gift for the family me you disney love. The image is created with a du disneyrable vinyl (NOT HAND PAINTED),so it is definitely meant to be u disneysed! It is HAND WASH ONLY, with warm (definitely not roasting hot) water or a damp cloth . If handled correctly this gift will be part of you disneyr life for a long time.Want a name/date/message on the dish? Don't forget to add the Cu disneystomize My Order option also available in the store!

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