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black steel, Giant Opening Blooming Bead Pendant - A Sand Fibers Creation



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This is not for wallflowers!!! It will get you peyote beaded bead noticed. This is the largest of my original Sand Fibers design beaded bead pendants: Blooming. They remind me of flower bu peyote beaded beadds abou peyote beaded beadt to bu peyote beaded beadrst into fu peyote beaded beadll bloom.\r\rThe pendant is a very su peyote beaded beadbstantial 3.3\u peyote beaded bead201d wide and 2\u peyote beaded bead201d \u peyote beaded bead201cthick." It was crafted in peyote stitch u peyote beaded beadsing extra large Japanese delica beads in black and steel.\r\rThis listing inclu peyote beaded beaddes a 39" 5mm ball chain that can easily be cu peyote beaded beadt down to desired length. The pendant can easily be removed and worn with a chain, leather cord, or ribbon. Please note that you peyote beaded bead are welcome to resell items as long as you peyote beaded bead acknowledge Carol Dean Sharpe or Sand Fibers as the creator. Thank you peyote beaded bead! \r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis necklace will be shipped in an elegant gift box u peyote beaded beadsing First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. You peyote beaded bead can u peyote beaded beadpgrade to Priority Mail for $3 by leaving a requ peyote beaded beadest in the "Message for Seller" of the pu peyote beaded beadrchase order; wait for an amended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a prou peyote beaded beadd member of the Bead Art Originals Street Team, a select grou peyote beaded beadp of both creators of art beads and creators of beadwoven art. To see more of ou peyote beaded beadr work, search for the "BAO Team" tag -http://www./search_resu peyote beaded beadlts.php?search_type=tag_title&search_qu peyote beaded beadery=bao team\r\rThank you peyote beaded bead for visiting Sand Fibers, a smoke-free shop! Please stop in again some time.\r\rBe well and get going!

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