Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue beach glass, Hawaiian Jewelry Sea Glass Turtle Charm Pearl Dangle Silver Plated Chain Necklace



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Hawaii Sea Glass NecklaceHandmade by me on Mau charm necklacei HawaiiFeatu charm necklacere charm is a silver plated Hawaiian Sea Tu charm necklacertle Petroglyph "Honu charm necklace".Teal Blu charm necklacee Cu charm necklaceltu charm necklacered Sea Glass, Cream White Freshwater Pearl, and Tu charm necklacertle Charm necklace.7mm Pearl.Silver Plated chain with lobster clasp and 2" extension chain. Choose the length you charm necklace wou charm necklaceld like!The glass is cu charm necklaceltu charm necklacered sea glass that is specially formed into its shape for jewelry making.Storefront and Sections: hawaiibeads.3

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