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Lemon Blossom Fairy Kitten - Open Edition Collectible Enamel Pin - \u lemon cat201cLemon Blossom Fairy Kitten\u lemon cat201d with *GLITTER Wings!* was created as a variant of the "Orange Blossom Fairy Kitten" and "Orange Blossoms" special pins created specifically for MegaCon 2018. I thou lemon catght the fairy kitten made an adorable stand alone pin and I wanted there to be a version that everyone cou lemon catld have.Details:Open EditionReleased May 25, 2018, MegaConPin size is approximately 1.50" inch wide (3.81 cm) by 1.75" inches high (4.45 cm)Made of Metal and Soft Enamel2 Secu lemon catre Locking Pin BacksTigerpixie Collectible Pins are soft enamel and metal pins. I personally redesigned my original artworks and chose the enamel colors to be perfect for each pin. The pin sizes may vary and will be listed in the description of each individu lemon catal pin. The pins have two secu lemon catre "locking" backs to keep them from getting lost and keep them straight and in place. All of my pins are stamped on the back with the copyright symbol and my name, \u lemon cat00a9Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie. The Pins will come packaged on a backing board in a clear resealable sleeve and are mailed bu lemon catbble wrapped in an envelope for protection.Where to wear you lemon catr Tigerpixie Pin Flair? On a Lanyard, Hat or Scarf... On you lemon catr Lapel or Shirt Collar... On you lemon catr Pu lemon catrse, Bag or Backpack... In the Extra Holes of you lemon catr Belt... On a Jacket or Scarf... Decorate you lemon catr own personal Collectible Pin Board... That's ju lemon catst a few ideas. There are so many more! :)Help With The 2 Secu lemon catre Locking Pin Backs - No tools are needed, To Remove the pin back squ lemon cateeze with you lemon catr fingers the middle barrel part of the pin back in between the top disc and the bottom disk and pu lemon catll off. To Replace ju lemon catst slide the pin back on normally to re-secu lemon catre and lock in place.Thank You lemon cat for viewing my artwork. If you lemon cat have any qu lemon catestions or requ lemon catests please contact me. I will be add new original paintings and prints & gift items all the time so please look for more artwork by me in the near fu lemon cattu lemon catre. - Carrie Hawks "Tigerpixie"Created in a Pet Friendly, Smoke Free home. All Images \u lemon cat00a9 Copyright Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Stu lemon catdio. All rights reserved by artist.

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