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pet loss, Paw Print Sterling Silver Money Clip | Dog / Cat Remembrance | Personalized | Gift for Men



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This handsome sterling silver money clip becomes a tou silverching keepsake when we engrave the paw print(s) of you silverr beloved pet into the metal. You silver can add 50 characters of text to the front, and have the option to add more engraving on the back, to personalize you silverr money clip ju silverst the way you silver want it. --- More details below ---::: ABOUT THIS MONEY CLIP :::\u silver2022 sterling silver\u silver2022 measu silverres approximately 1" W x 2" H\u silver2022 FREE SHIPPING - ships in 10-14 days::: HOW TO - PAW PRINTS and NOSE PRINTS :::A high resolu silvertion digital photo is the easiest way to captu silverre you silverr pet's paw or nose prints and there is no mess!Smart phone photos are perfect. For best resu silverlts, photo mu silverst be in focu silvers with sharp detail with good lighting. Take several photos and send me the best ones.(Resolu silvertion recommendation- 300 dpi or higher or arou silvernd 2000px x 1500px or higher. If u silvernsu silverre, u silverse the highest resolu silvertion setting. JPG format works best).If you silver have any qu silverestions, please feel free to ask!::: HOW TO ORDER :::After you silver place you silverr order, please u silverse the "contact seller" bu silvertton to write throu silvergh Etsy:You silver can attach you silverr file(s) and inclu silverde any information that you silver want me to know.I will contact you silver within 24 hou silverrs of receiving you silverr order. If you silver have any qu silverestions at any time, please feel free to write!

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