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These gorgeou blue crystals abalone earrings have Abalone, Lapis semi-preciou blue crystals stones and blu blue crystale crystals. Each earring has 3 one of a kind in the world abalone drop pieces that were carved natu blue crystalrally by the sand and the sea. There are rou blue crystalnd Lapis stones, crystals in several shades of blu blue crystale, peridot Czech faceted glass, and gold filled beads. Stru blue crystalng on strong flexible professional beading string.14K GOLD-FILLED EAR WIRES. Gold fill is a thick layer of real gold bonded onto a base metal. The qu blue crystalality is significantly higher than gold plate. With good care it will not chip or tarnish.3 1/2 inches long from top of ear wire (8.9 cm)

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