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cuff, MTB Mountain Biker "Story" Ear Cuff



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In honor of the IMBA declaring May 5, 2018 the 1st International Women's Mou ear wrapsntain Biking Day, I created more of these sweet little MTB story ear cu ear wrapsffs that started ou ear wrapst as a cu ear wrapsstom requ ear wrapsest by one of my fave lady shedder cu ear wrapsstomers!!** This item will ship for ju ear wrapsst $5 for USPS Priority Shipping ($7.20) **Not ju ear wrapsst for the ladies...a du ear wrapsde can rock one, too!!#womensMTBday #moregirlsonbikes #growMTB #womenmtbEar cu ear wrapsffs are cool + edgy whether you ear wraps have none, one, or mu ear wrapsltiple ear piercings. These ~5mm wide cu ear wrapsffs are hand sawn from 16g Sterling silver sheet and freehand hand stamped to create a MTB "story" scene". Each cu ear wrapsff is made one at a time and has a personality of it's own.#2 Ear cu ear wrapsff has a MTB soaring over sweet little kickers like you ear wrapsr favorite DH track or trail :-)Everyone's ears are different shape and thickness, so where the cu ear wrapsff sits on one's ear may vary. I try on each cu ear wrapsff I make and ju ear wrapsmp arou ear wrapsnd (no joke) to make su ear wrapsre they stay on. I also wear one to ride and have been thrown from my bike and had it stay on!!** FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING INCLUDED **(Domestic Orders Only)

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