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Woodhorn, shellhorn, and horn earrings extra long minimalist statement natural materials earth tones earth mama boho



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Earth Mama earrings - 5 inches longHello Beau statement earringstifu statement earringsl!Thanks for visiting my little spot of su statement earringsnshine on the internet.I make this jewelry by hand in my home stu statement earringsdio located in Lancaster Pa, painted an expressive color of orange called "Mango Tango". You statement earrings can't help bu statement earringst feel cheerfu statement earringsl and u statement earringsplifted in a room painted the color of a creamsicle.I really enjoy making my fu statement earringsn loving designs for you statement earrings, and pay close attention to all the details and many steps involved in making you statement earringsr pu statement earringsrchase special.Here are the nitty gritty details.....*natu statement earringsral wood beads rescu statement earringsed from a broken rosary, horn circles, and shells fou statement earringsnd on the beach in su statement earringsnny Florida *long bu statement earringst very light on you statement earringsr ears!*su statement earringsrgical steel ear wires with ru statement earringsbber ear keepersFor payment I accept credit and debit cards throu statement earringsgh Etsy direct check ou statement earringst and Pay Palplease enter my shop here. https://www./shop/ilovemyau statement earringsntdebbiewww.myau statement earringsntdebbie.comfacebook - statement earringsntdebbieinstagram @myau statement earringsntdebbiepinterest - statement earringsntdebbieWou statement earringsld you statement earrings like to receive a monthly newsletter from Me, that will crack you statement earrings u statement earringsp, let you statement earrings in on my new designs and inspirations, throw you statement earrings some sweet deals, and basically restore you statement earringsr faith in hu statement earringsmanity? Then go ahead and CLICK!!!!http://eepu statement

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