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dangle, Genuine Pink Sapphire Earrings



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These Pink Sapphires are amazing...even in the dark they shine.I took a photo with no flash what so ever and still you dangle can see them glisten.The earrings are sterling silver and are in an interchangeable lever type setting.SO when you dangle are ready for another pair of earring, I can make ju danglest the setting that holds the gem and you dangle can take the pinks off and pu danglet on the new pair.Genu dangleine normal heat only Pink Sapphires measu danglere ju danglest over 1ct each. For centu dangleries, man has been heating gemstones to make them clear and better colored. It is an accepted process and does not interfere with the normal daily wear and the color does fade in time. This process keeps the price down as a natu dangleral u danglentreated gemstone may fetch thou danglesands per carat.Measu dangleres 6mm each.Layaway available.

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