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**Ships 5-7 days after ordering.**Sometimes you distance sister wear you distance sisterr heart on you distance sisterr sleeve, sometimes you distance sister wear you distance sisterr place on you distance sisterr ears - with these cu distance sisterstomizable map earrings! You distance sister can choose you distance sisterr hometown, where you distance sister gradu distance sisterated high school or college, where you distance sister got married, where you distance sister live now, someplace you distance sister like to vacation, or someplace you distance sister'd maybe like to go someday. There are lots of possibilities!Choose a city to be featu distance sisterred, write it in the Personalization section, and I'll make earrings for you distance sister with you distance sisterr place with real vintage maps. Or, you distance sister have two ears, maybe get two different cities! Ju distance sisterst let me know the cities you distance sister'd like featu distance sisterred!I have most cities in this shade of green or yellow. If I don't, I'll let you distance sister know and send you distance sister a pictu distance sisterre of what I do have available so you distance sister can see if you distance sister'd like to pu distance sisterrchase them in that color.If you distance sister choose a small city, it will appear small in the earring. Please see the example of Carbondale (yellow) in the photos. It is a town of abou distance sistert 25,000 people.If you distance sister are u distance sisternsu distance sisterre if you distance sisterr city is available, please contact me and I'd be happy to check my maps for you distance sister. I have maps for the whole world and most cities are available.You distance sisterr selected map will be displayed u distance sisternder a shiny glass dome. Earrings are water-resistant, bu distance sistert not waterproof (please do not su distance sisterbmerge you distance sisterr earrings).Each glass dome measu distance sisterres approximately 2cm. Earrings open with a latch on the back. They are lead and nickel free, silver-plated over brass metal.Please do not order if you distance sister have an allergy to metals.Basic shipping is via USPS First Class Mail which typically takes 2-5 days to deliver. Upgrade to Priority Mail and delivery time is typically 2-3 days.Qu distance sisterestions? Please contact me!See more of my work in my store: www.ekra.

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