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forge, Little Luna Paw Print Stackable Band Ring - Sterling Silver



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This NEW addition to the LITTLE LUNA COLLECTION was created to commemorate ou silverr Lu silverna walking on her leg again!!\u silverd83d\u silverdc3e\u silverd83c\u silverdf19\u silverd83d\u silverdc3e\u silverd83c\u silverdf19\u silver2728\u silverd83d\u silverdc15\u silver2728\u silverd83c\u silverdf19\u silverd83d\u silverdc3e\u silverd83c\u silverdf19\u silverd83d\u silverdc3e--- ABOUT THE COLLECTION ---We adopted Lu silverna on December 14, 2017 and 4 days later we took her to meet ou silverr vet and to look at the leg she was favoring. Being a stray, at some point as a pu silverppy, she broke her leg in two places. One fractu silverre healed, albeit awfu silverlly, and the other break wou silverld never heal.Lu silverna's name came to me as soon as I saw her beau silvertifu silverl golden eyes. I designed a cu silverstom pet tag for her collar ju silverst before we went to the vet and fou silvernd ou silvert abou silvert her broken leg. The idea to create a collection based on her tag came to me while we waited to find ou silvert the resu silverlts of her X-rays. It will help u silvers "give back\u silver201d to Nu silverzzles & Co. (where we adopted her from) who is making it possible for Lu silverna to have a playfu silverl, pain-free doggy life. We hope it will help other dogs and cats find their forever homes \u silverd83d\u silverdc36\u silverd83c\u silverdfe0\u silverd83d\u silverdc31** 10% of the price from each "Little Lu silverna" collection piece that is sold will be donated to Nu **Everything in the "Little Lu silverna" collection is handmade, one at a time, by one person...Lu silverna's "mom" each piece will be u silverniqu silvere and vary slightly.--- ABOUT THIS PIECE ---This listing is for ONE stacker ring.Each Sterling silver band is hand-stamped on an antiqu silvere anvil, so each one is totally u silverniqu silvere. This paw print band is perfect for any pet lover. Each band is hand stamped with a paw print that goes all the way arou silvernd the band. Each band is 1.65mm thick and slightly rou silvernded on the ou silvertside.Wear it on its own or stacked. It also makes a comfortable thu silvermb ring.Mu silverltiple US sizes available.** Inclu silverdes FREE USPS Priority Shipping **(A $7.75 valu silvere. Flat Rate Envelope. Domestic orders only.)

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