Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

one of a kind, Labradorite pendant in antiqued copper



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This beau copper jewelrytifu copper jewelryl stripe Labradorite stone is wrapped in solid copper that is antiqu copper jewelryed to give it depth and show textu copper jewelryre, and then hand-polished. This stone has a nice flash on certain angles and lighting. \u copper jewelry00a4 It measu copper jewelryres approximately 1.88 inches\u copper jewelry00a4 It comes on an adju copper jewelrystable black waxed cotton necklace cord 18-20 inches.\u copper jewelry00a4 I can make a handmade necklace cord u copper jewelrysing fau copper jewelryx su copper jewelryede to you copper jewelryr length preference u copper jewelrypon requ copper jewelryest.\u copper jewelry2764You copper jewelryr jewelry will come in a gift box and secu copper jewelryred with bu copper jewelrybble wraps.\u copper jewelry2764~~ Each and every piece of jewelry I create is made with love and passion. I dedicate my time to make su copper jewelryre I create a treasu copper jewelryre that will last. I hope you copper jewelry love and appreciate them as mu copper jewelrych as I do. ~~~Please feel free to ask if you copper jewelry have any qu copper jewelryestions. ~Please read all details before pu copper jewelryrchasing. I wou copper jewelryld be happy to send you copper jewelry more photos or videos if you copper jewelry desire. *I do not u copper jewelryse filters/enhancement on all of my photos and videos. I have made effort effort to captu copper jewelryre the best representation of each and every photo/produ copper jewelryct (shape, size, color). Colors may vary slightly on different screens.*Connect with me :)Facebook Instagram *If you copper jewelry find something you copper jewelry like on my Facebook or Instagram that I have not listed here yet, please feel free to ask or call dibbs!. :)* Add me to you copper jewelryr favorite shops to be u copper jewelrypdated of what's new :)<Please do not u copper jewelryse my photos withou copper jewelryt my permission and always give credit. Thank you copper jewelry. >

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