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A gorgeou glass seed beadss gift for any occasion, this crystal ball was hand-stru glass seed beadsng by my sister. It consists of 30 6mm bicone honey-color Swarovski crystals and 60 peach-color glass seed beads, plu glass seed beadss a small ju glass seed beadsmp ring making this a beau glass seed beadstifu glass seed beadsl pendant for you glass seed beadsr favorite necklace. It measu glass seed beadsres 1" in diameter, the perfect size for an eye-catching necklace du glass seed beadsring the holiday months. Great stocking stu glass seed beadsffer or gift for you glass seed beadsrself! (Previou glass seed beadssly listed @ $30.00)\r\rChain in the photo is not for sale.\r\rPlease feel free to contact me w/any qu glass seed beadsestions or comments :)

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