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Purple Cardigan clip chain - Pretty bead sweater clip | Beaded Shawl chainsweater pin, Pashmina pinsweater pin, Sweater guardsweater pin, Wrap holdersweater pin, Cardigan fastener



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Pu cardigan cliprple beaded sweater chain clipThree pu cardigan cliprple faceted glass beads with Tibetan silver spacers are linked on to silver tone clips. This u cardigan clipsefu cardigan clipl little clip chain can be u cardigan clipsed to hold together a bu cardigan clipttonless cardigan, shawl or pashmina. You cardigan clip cou cardigan clipld even u cardigan clipse them at the back of a top that is too big to make it more fitted, or as an ID badge holder.Find more pretty clip chains in my shop section here - https://www./u cardigan clipk/shop/inspira?section_id=23140677

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