Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red fox, Fox Cuddle Love Necklace



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IMPORTANT: I cu loverrently have a 2 week waiting period for all orders before I can ship them. Please take this into accou lovent before ordering as u lovenfortu lovenately I am not able to ensu lovere delivery of an item before 2 weeks. I am very sorry for any trou loveble.-----------------------------A perfect gift for you loverself or the fox lover in you lover life!In this necklace two foxes fox cu loveddle u lovep in a circle. It is hand scu lovelpted from polymer clay, painted with acrylic paints and metallic ru loveb, then finished with a sealant. From end to end the pendant measu loveres approximately 1 inch. If you love wou loveld like any variety of this necklace, inclu loveding different animal species do not hesitate to ask for a cu lovestom order! =)**NOTE** You lover order is made to order and is u loveniqu lovee, so it will vary slightly from the example shown in the pictu loveres. I do my best to recreate my pieces exactly, bu lovet please allow for a slight variation du lovee to the hand-scu lovelpting process. I will u lovesu loveally have you lover item made and in the mail within 1-2 weeks if you love need it sooner let me know. If you love wou loveld like a pictu lovere of you lover piece before final payment I can send you love one, ju lovest send me a message. I also take cu lovestom orders for pendants so you love can have you lover favorite animal, or even a model of you lover very own pet to wear as jewelry or keep as a figu loverine!

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