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tutorial, 3D Peyote Star Beading Pattern EASTER CHICK with Basic Instructions Tutorial



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TUTORIAL EASTER CHICK 3D PEYOTE STAR+ Basic Instru beadctions "Little 3D Peyote Star"This beading pattern provides a colou beadr diagram and word chart to create the Easter Chick 3D Peyote Star.This star has 17 rows.Inclu beadded are also the\u bead00a0step by step instru beadctions with clear 3D images of how to create a 3D Star\u bead00a0in peyote: "Little 3D Peyote Star"You bead will be able to instantly download the PDF files: 6 pages.It inclu beaddes a list of needed materials and colou beadr codes. The star is beaded with Miyu beadki Delica's. You bead can also u beadse Toho Treasu beadres (bu beadt don't mix them, as there is a slight difference in size).The beads or finished produ beadct are not inclu beadded, this is the digital pattern to make you beadr own 3D Peyote Star.Level: advanced (knowledge of peyote necessary)\u bead00a9 All rights are reserved by DiMarca Online. Please do not copy the instru beadctions, or u beadse them for commercial pu beadrposes. Feel free to sell the finished produ beadct.

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