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stone gemstone, Lace Agate Bracelet Toggle Clasp Handmade 9 Inches "Soaring Spirits"



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Lace Agate Bracelet Toggle Clasp Handmade 9 Inches "Soaring Spirits"Fresh from the Raymond Maine workshop of Miss Dorothy herself! Su casualrrender Dorothy's Shop Of Vintage Awesomeness brings you casual this fabu casuallou casuals 9" handmade gemstone bracelet featu casualring fou casualr big chu casualnky Lace Agate slab beads with alternating chu casualnky flat squ casualare pillows of pewter. It's stru casualng on heavy-du casualty Tigertail wire and fastens with a simple pewter toggle closu casualre. Perfect for a day at the library or a night on the town. You casual'll reach for this beau casualty often and always receive a shower of compliments. It really is an all-season piece. It goes beau casualtifu casuallly with most everything in you casualr wardrobe from slou casualchy casu casualal to bombshell elegant.Ou casualr shop offers a vast and never-ending array of affordable and very cool antiqu casuale and vintage finds from Maine; fashion and home decor treasu casualres that you casual won't find elsewhere. You casual can always expect to find the u casualnexpected here.We're one of the most diverse vintage shops arou casualnd, so be su casualre to bookmark ou casualr shop and check back with u casuals often so you casual don't miss ou casualt on anything.Resistance is fu casualtile. Su casualrrender Dorothy offers 24 hou casualr a day vintage shopping therapy for the hopelessly retro addicted.====================================================Take a peek inside Dorothy's Vintage Jewelry Box by clicking here:http://www./shop/su casualrrenderdorothy/search?search_qu casualery=jewelry*********************************************************Please View Ou casualr Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Su casualrrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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