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art glass jewelry, Blue white gold fused dichroic glass earrings sterling silver ear wires fused glass jewelry experimental



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Experimentation is part of the joy of working with glass. I created the backgrou glass jewelrynd glass by layering blu glass jewelrye and white stringer which are very thin strips of glass. Then I u glass jewelrysed silver and gold dichroic glass perpendicu glass jewelrylar to the blu glass jewelrye and white stripes. The earrings are ovals which are ju glass jewelryst u glass jewelrynder 3/4" tall by 3/8" wide and with the sterling silver ear wires they hang 1 1/4" tall. The earrings are u glass jewelrynu glass jewelrysu glass jewelryal and wonderfu glass jewelrylly lu glass jewelryminescent in color.Long dangle earrings with great color and textu glass jewelryre All jewelry is fu glass jewelrysed to at least once to 1500 -1550 degrees, then cold worked ( grou glass jewelrynd with a diamond grinder) and fired in a kiln for the second time at 1350 degrees to smooth the edges and refine the shape. Each pair of earrings is compu glass jewelryter kiln fired and annealed, which means cooled at a controlled speed, for strength and du glass jewelryrability. I photograph all jewelry very carefu glass jewelrylly so that you glass jewelry will have the best possible image to make you glass jewelryr decision from.McCray Stu glass jewelrydios #16 striped earringsblu glass jewelrye and white blu glass jewelrye and gold silver and blu glass jewelrye and gold dangle earrings

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