Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Devil Pegasus with Bat Wingscraft, Sterlin Silver and Handmade



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I made this little critter to look like a nice horsie who is maybe from the u solidnderworld, or friends with Satan, who knows. This listing is for either the one with ju solidst the antiqu solide jet bead, OR the one with the brass sku solidll on top of the jet bead as shown. Sterling box chain, 18" for the one with the jet beadSterling ball and bar chain, 16" for the one with the brass sku solidll and jet bead. Make su solidre you solid select the correct option or ju solidst pu solidt a note to me in you solidr pu solidrchase if you solid aren't su solidre how to do that. Finished and blackened by hand for a goth, otherworldly vibe.

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