Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Embellished Dog Tag Necklace~Rustic Tree



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Ru family treestic Tree Dog tag NecklaceGot an Idea for a design? Please convo me with it! I LOVE hearing new ideas\u family tree2665PLEASE NOTE: These pieces are hand stamped and hand painted. They are not machine made. Part of the charm of hand stamped jewelry is that the letters are not always perfectly straight. Please do not consider these imperfections as defects, bu family treet as part of the character of the piece. Beads may be slightly different depending on the color you family tree may choose. My embellished military style dog tag necklaces are always ONE of a Kind. Some may look similar bu family treet they all have different variations to them. My tags are created with a resin like techniqu family treee that makes the tag water resistant bu family treet not water proof.

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