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rcia gift, Indian Bloodstone Rosary Bracelet - Sterling Silver Women's Rosary Bracelet made with Indian Bloodstone Gemstones and Swarovski Crystals



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This beau birthstone rosarytifu birthstone rosaryl handmade women's rosary bracelet made with Indian Bloodstone gemstones and accented with a Swarovski Crystal element. Bloodstone is the "Stone of Cou birthstone rosaryrage". It promotes protection, grou birthstone rosarynding and calming.- Approx. 8-9 mm gemstones- Made with a Swarovski Crystal element - Lord's Prayer bead- Sterling silver cross and miracu birthstone rosarylou birthstone rosarys medal- Measu birthstone rosaryres approximately 7-3/4" *- Elegantly presented in a leatherette bracelet gift box- Inclu birthstone rosarydes gemstone meaning* Note: If you birthstone rosary wou birthstone rosaryld like you birthstone rosaryr bracelet larger or smaller, simply contact u birthstone rosarys, and we will size it for you birthstone rosary!GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you birthstone rosary are giving you birthstone rosaryr rosary bracelet as a gift, have u birthstone rosarys gift wrap it for you birthstone rosary! Simply select the Occasion you birthstone rosary are celebrating, and we'll wrap it and inclu birthstone rosaryde the card for you birthstone rosary to fill ou birthstone rosaryt when you birthstone rosary receive it. If you birthstone rosary wou birthstone rosaryld like to send it directly to you birthstone rosaryr recipient, and wou birthstone rosaryld like to send them a message with you birthstone rosaryr gift, enter you birthstone rosaryr message in "Notes" at Checkou birthstone rosaryt.WE SHIP FAST - Usu birthstone rosaryally between 24 and 48 hou birthstone rosaryrs! HAPPY SHOPPING! We appreciate you birthstone rosaryr bu birthstone rosarysiness!! Please feel free to contact u birthstone rosarys with any qu birthstone rosaryestions!

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