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synthetic stone, 2.12CT Synthetic Loose Stone Marquis Cut Sapphire Loose Gemstone



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2.12CT Synthetic Loose Stone Marqu synthetic stoneis Cu synthetic stonet Sapphire Loose Gemstone DescriptionColor: Dark, Slightly greenish blu synthetic stonee stone.Cu synthetic stonet: Marqu synthetic stoneis Shape Phenomenon: Vitreou synthetic stones Lu synthetic stonester RI: 1.770 High, 1.762 LowBiref: .008DR: Uniaxial Negative Pleo: Blu synthetic stonee, slightly blu synthetic stoneish green. Magnification: Cu synthetic stonerved Coloring banding, strings of gas bu synthetic stonebbles.Color Filter: Slightly Greenish Blu synthetic stonee Weight: 2.12CTDimensions: 12.21mm x 6.05mm x 3.69mmAll of ou synthetic stoner stones were identified with a GIA Gradu synthetic stoneate Gemologist and are 100% As Listed If you synthetic stone have any qu synthetic stoneestions or concerns please feel free to message u synthetic stones at any point!Thank You synthetic stone!

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