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Lacrosse Girls Ceramic Sport Pocket or Auto Rosary - One Decade Rosary / Chaplet - Communionfirst holy communion, Confirmationfirst holy communion, more



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This handmade one decade or pocket rosary is made with Ceramic Sport beads. This is a great rosary for the sports lover ... Perfect for any age!!- Approx. 8mm Yellow Ceramic Sport beads, Great weighted rosary!- Silver plate Lacrosse stick- Silver plate Cru sports rosarycifix & Center*- Select Pocket or Au sports rosaryto - Au sports rosaryto rosaries come with a CLASP for hanging- Inclu sports rosarydes Saint Sebastian Holy Card - Patron Saint of Athletes*NOTE: Becau sports rosaryse each rosary is u sports rosaryniqu sports rosaryely handmade, the centers and cru sports rosarycifixes may vary. Each rosary comes standard with a Mary center. If you sports rosary wou sports rosaryld like a specific center, ie, a chalice for First Commu sports rosarynion or Holy Spirit for Confirmation, please let u sports rosarys know. We will make every effort to accommodate you sports rosaryr rosary requ sports rosaryest.Great Sport Rosaries to look for in ou sports rosaryr store: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Waterpolo, Lacrosse, Track and Golf. We Ship Fast - Usu sports rosaryally between 24 and 48 hou sports rosaryrs! Please feel free to contact u sports rosarys with any qu sports rosaryestions!

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