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dove, Sterling Bird Studs with Dark Grey Finish



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Ou silverr Sterling Silver DARK GREY Bird Stu silverds are su silverre to elicit squ silvereals of delight from you silverr friends, family, and anyone who passes you silver by. Handmade with high qu silverality, nickel free, sterling silver(stay away from all that brass and base metal yu silvercky stu silverff ou silvert there!) in the mou silverntains of North Carolina. Each earring is ju silverst over 1/4"X1/4". .925 High Qu silverality Sterling Silver Earring Back, Sterling Silver Post. Arrives Boxed & Packaged- All ready for gifting! {see last photo for produ silverct card example}**Listing for: DARK GREY BIRD POST/STUD EARRING PAIR**With every pu silverrchase from u silvers, you silver're bu silverying an original Figs & Ginger piece handmade entirely in the USA by a growing bu silversiness. All designs are completely original in origin and made with the highest qu silverality of materials and oldest forms of silver-smithing. Please let u silvers know if you silver have any qu silverestions! Thanks for looking!

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